1970J Mexico Ex-Works LVX 900J Sunset Red

This car is the ford launch car for the Mexico back in 1970. Car build number 009 was built in October 1970 and in Sunset red. This car was used for photo-shoots for various magazines and promotional literature. It was unregistered but carrying “ghost plates”. When 2 months old, in December 1970, the car was then road registered as LVX 900J. It was then loaned to the Metropolitan police driving school for evaluation purposes. A sister car LVX 904J, a Maize Mexico, was also loaned to Autocar. This piece of motoring history still exists and has undergone total body restoration. The body-shell has been totally stripped of all sealants, sand-blasted and re-panelled. The shell, with all loose panels, has been acid dipped and e-coated to preserve it. The shell preparation is to a very high standard. The shell is now with a new owner awaiting a possible rally car build!


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