74M RS 2000 Olympic Blue


This car was recently purchased from a reputable RS dealer as a genuine, usable RS 2000, needing only light restoration. The car was brought to us to check-out and to make road-worthy again. On inspection we advised a shell change as the car needed extensive structural work but the customer was adamant that the original shell should be used !! So here we have a genuine 1974 Mk1 RS2000, type 49 shell BFATPY***** chassis number in original olympic blue. The the car has been stripped of all mechanical parts, which have been bagged, labelled and sent for either powder coating, zinc plating or chroming. The engine , gearbox and diff have all been professionally re-built using all new parts. The shell has been etch primed after sand-blasting, fitting of new genuine Ford wings and completion of all body repairs. It was then painted in two-pack Olympic blue, as original. Now back in our workshop the car is being re-built to almost standard using uprated bushes and brake lines. The engine has been balanced and fitted with new pistons, crankshaft and bearings. The head is a polished and ported stage two with a piper fast road cam and vernier adjustment. A new carb, electronic ignition and exhaust system completes the package. All bumpers and bright-work have been replaced and a set of Minilite wheels fitted. Now only small jobs to complete the road testing, rolling road tune, MoT and the owner can enjoy his new car for the summer.


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