75N RS 2000 Daytona yellow GKE 30N


This genuine RS 2000 was purchased over twenty years ago by its current owner. Aware of all the fake cars out there, the owner contacted a reputable owners club whose register helped the owner to find this car. In fact, he went with the owner to sound out the car to confirm that it was in fact a ‘proper car’. This done, the car was bought used a little then parked up for twenty years while the owner worked abroad. The previous owner spent a lot of time and money on a complete nut and bolt restoration and an extensive panel replacement programme as the car had once been a clubman rally car. We were approached to collect the car and re-commission it. Our brief was to change the clutch and make the car a little easier to drive !!. Back at our workshop it quickly became apparent that the car was a genuine RS 2000 and rebuilt using a lot of rally style parts. These would have to be removed to make the car more drivable. Bearing in mind that this car was given the thumbs up by a club expert as ‘A ok, a proper genuine car’. We found the car was a complete mess. It was an RS 2000 that the club representative wished to own with all the rally bits done to it and NOT the RS 2000 the new owner actually wanted !!! The previous owner who re-built the car, fitted the rear lamps in upside down and had fitted the wiring loom along the boot floor. The battery was fitted in the boot like a rally car, a standard axle was fitted with a 4.1 lsd and disc brakes. A Mk2 Escort bias peddle box was fitted with a competition heavy duty clutch, big valve head, high lift rally cam that would not tick over under 3000 rpm. It had a 38 dgas carb, home made front wiring loom, 5 speed gearbox, Mk2 escort 6” RS alloy wheels on 185×70 tyres and really hard shock absorbers. There are many more modifications, we could write a book. So much for the “original” car. We were then asked to strip the car and rectify any body damage, poorly fitted panels, and fit the battery tray back into the engine bay. Also to remove all incorrect parts and re-build the car as a proper RS. Now stripped and mounted one of our spits our attention turned to the body-shell. We were amazed to find that the previous owner/restorer had changed the back panel leaving the seam returns on the wings and fitted a complete Mk2 Escort floor panel. 20 years plus ago these panels were available !!.. It also had a new Mk2 Escort van lower complete bulkhead with all Mk2 Escort pedal-box mountings, not mk1, A new ford lhd van upper bulk-head was bodged to fit a rhd car with all lhd brackets left on the shell. A new pair of Mk2 front chassis legs were fitted similar to Mk1 but with crush zones still left in place. Mk2 van inner wings, cut and chopped to fit new Mk1 RS wings. These were fitted with good wing-to-door gaps and pushed forward to fit, then the wings forced back to fit the front panel. The fit resulted in major bows outwards in the front wings…nightmare !! Now that we had established that the car was ‘NOT’ as described and verified by a ‘club representative’ we told the owner and asked him to call and so we would explain all the work needed to rectify it. Having shown the owner the problems he went away to think about what should be done and let us know. After a few weeks the call came and we were asked to restore, where possible, the car back into the Mk1 RS 2000 that he really wanted.. Please see the photos of all the work being carried out. We hope you like it…


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